4 GPS Running Watches That Are Worth The Money

First up is the TomTom Sports GPS Runner Watch. To begin with, the interface is very user friendly and the monitor is larger than average. It gives the user clear information and accuracy on the level of pace and distance covered. Also included is a ‘pause’ button which can be very useful when having to stop at roads or for rest periods. Having this simple feature can help to give the user a more accurate reading of their performance. Different models come in a prices between £150 and £250 (currently from just £72.95) and it is engineered towards serious runners and athletes. Furthermore and more importantly, downloading GPS data to his/her computer can be done effortlessly. Overall a solid and efficient running watch.

Next is the Garmin Vivofit Jr Motivator. With a sleek, modern design this GPS running watch is great value to both casual and serious runners. It has to be said that this watch is mainly targeted at a younger audience which is great for encouraging kids and young adults to actively monitor their personal performance with ease. It is incredibly easy to use, very comfortable and also gives the option of summarising an athlete’s daily goal. Fairly new to the market this reliable GPS running watch is popular, affordable, coming in at around the £80 mark and also includes fun features such as sleep monitoring.

Now for the Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch. This product is without doubt one of the standout models in the running world today. It is durable, stylish and offers a comprehensive and accurate reading of performance. Free with a Fitbit account, USB dongle, charging cable and Fitbit Surge Tracker you really get first class quality. This GPS watch, priced between £140 and £240 is ideal for serious runners. It has a high battery life and has eight sensor technology built-in. Heart rate, speed and calories burned can all be displayed clearly on the monitor and data transactions to your PC are fluent and easy. To conclude, quite simply a brilliant product.

Next up is the Polar M400 GPS Watch. With a stylish and sporty design this watch has all the features and attributes you would expect to find for a professional recreational runner. Track altitude, pace, heart-rate, calories burned, distance and your route with minimum effort. As well as being fully waterproof this high-end gps watch also has an exceptional battery life and an excellent memory. Users have the luxury of analysing their performance 24/7 where they can look at sleep patterns too. It is a firm competitor in its market, highly respectable and growing in popularity. Price range is currently between £95 and £225.

If you are looking for more options, here you can find a wide selection of smart watches.

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