Some Useful Tips To Distinguish Fake Watches From Authentic Ones

Time is money as the saying goes, but do you ever consider how much the watch you are wearing costs? Well, watches will vary with the price and some can even cost millions of dollars. Do you consider the fact that some of these watches could be counterfeit? Well, you need to understand that fake watches have not only flooded in the market today, but they continue to get more convincing day by day. Before you purchase a watch, it’s always a good idea to do some research about it. An ample research allows you to get enlightened about the model and brand and help you understand what should be the right weight or even its sound. Let me take you through some of the top 5 tips to distinguish fake watches from authentic ones.

1. Check on the sound

Sound plays as a very important factor when it comes to determining originality. For very expensive watches ticking is highly considered. This is due to the fact that these watches are built with smooth mechanisms which don’t allow for ticking sound. So as much as you are buying a watch listen to the ticking sound. If the watch has too much ticking sound, then don’t consider purchasing it.

2. Weight factor

Most of the times you go for the design and appearance, but you tend to forget the weight. Some watches will weigh less or more depending on the type of watch. You definitely need to know that fake watches are usually made from cheap material which makes them weigh less than expected. So next time you are going to shop for a watch make sure you have researched on the weight.

3. Movement mechanisms

Most of the times you may not notice your watch movement, thus you are not able to know whether it’s running fast or slower. As mentioned earlier, most of these fake watches bear cheap materials. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you consult an expert to figure out what sort of mechanism the watch uses.

4. Material used

Original watches come with fine made material. Be it gold or silver made watches you must make sure it doesn’t cheep off. Fake watches will always wear off and this is due to the reason that its makers only use coating. High quality and original watches will always have markings to prove it. On the other hand you can always ask for testing just to be on the safer side.

5. Markings and face type

How would feel if you found out that the type of watch you bought has a poorly marked symbol or name? Quite discouraging right? Well, get this, original watches will always have very distinct markings; easy to notice and read unlike counterfeit ones. On the other hand when it comes to a watch face, shape and size is what you need to watch out for since they differ.

Before you can encounter an authentic watch you need to have an understanding of how a real one feels like. When the deal is too good you need to think twice and this is by making sure you get the real deal.

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